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Selling at the Right Price

A REALTOR® knows the value of real estate in your area and can intelligently determine the fair market price of your home.

Work Only With Qualified Buyers

A REALTOR® has access to pre-screened prospects who are really serious about buying a home.

Better Marketing Means a Quicker Sale

A REALTOR® invests in the sale of your home by advertising the property to gain maximum results and by promoting the property through a multiple listing service (MLS).

Show Your Home in the Best Possible Light

A REALTOR® is an expert at developing ways to make your home more saleable. Often a few minor improvements can increase the speed of the sale, as well as, the selling price.

Helpful Financing Tips

A REALTOR® can assist the buyer in obtaining a mortgage and can help guide the buyer through the details of escrow, closing, property taxes and the down payment.